1. Anonymous asked: I think u misunderstood anon. Theysaid that sucheasymoney is sure that harry/Louis aren't in a relationship in the same way that youre sure they are. You say through careful analysis of the past 4 years you've concluded their dating, maybe with the same careful analysis they've concluded they aren't. What anon meant is that NEITHER of you are 'insiders' yet you are both VERY sure of contrasting opinions and so its unfair for you to criticize one person for being confident when youre the same way

    You’ve got me all wrong; I’m not criticising sucheasymoney’s confidence, I’m frustrated with their unnecessary grandstanding and their highly aggressive approach towards me. I’m a patient person, but even I have my limits and I’m done being goaded with such open disdain and hostility for no reason at all, hence me asking them not to contact me again until the bet has concluded.

    sucheasymoney is absolutely welcome to believe whatever they like, as is literally everyone else; I’m not running a recruitment drive here, if you can’t see or don’t want to believe in Harry and Louis’ relationship, then great, more power to you, it really doesn’t impact me.

    The only things I judge people on are their behaviour (already not a fan of theirs) and the way that they apply logic, analyse and interpret information (and I’d have to actually know what they believe in order to this). So you see where I’m at?

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  3. And this is a song I wrote for my archenemy Harry Styles. I hate you so much it’s hurting.

    — Louis Tomlinson introducing Strong during the new tour, probably (via buscandoelparaiso)

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    i hope harry subconsciously touches the anchor tattoo during the first verse of strong

    I hope Louis subconsciously touches the rope tattoo during the first verse of strong


  7. Anonymous asked: The question concerning a pregnancy is valid, but naive. At this point of history, assuming that a man is straight because he has a biological child (which implies he's had heterosexual sex) is simplistic. There're countless of cases of married men with children, who live a double life at the same time. Or single -gay- fathers that accidentally impregnated a past girlfriend. It takes years for some men to come out (if they ever do), it's likely they've slept with women in the past.

    Yeah, I do get where they’re coming from, but you’re totally right, becoming father doesn’t = heterosexuality anymore than person with a vagina = women.

  8. #Harry is like ‘oh really how do you think i got this boy?’#And Louis is like ‘fuck yeah he got me’

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  9. Anonymous asked: This is coming from Blindgossip, so grain of salt, but Ace is claiming the girl was never pregnant. Jeremy had his sister moved near him and has been using her baby. That sounds even crazier when I typed it out. It sounds more legit that she was a surrogate and carried the baby.

    I know that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, but that sounds like almost every type of crazy at once.

    Geez Ace has gone bananas lately.