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Anonymous asked: have you ever shared your thoughts on zerrie?

I haven’t ever gone into a huge amount of detail about them, but I think it’s a legit relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, I see my fair share of problems with the relationship; I hope Perrie is wildly misrepresented in print (specifically her often problematic statements), I think there’s a bit too much promo (which has certain implications given their disparate fame levels) and I’m not that sold that they’ll make it down the aisle, but I don’t think that it’s a fauxmance or bearding set up.

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Anonymous asked: Have you seen the recent daily show episode? Jon Stewart just poked fun of one direction fans instead of addressing their valid criticisms and apologizing. I was a big fan of Jon Stewart but I lost some respect for him. 😒

Ah damn it. 

I haven’t seen it yet - the timezone difference means that I’m still at work and won’t get home for a couple of hours, but I’ve got it waiting on my Foxtel planner and was wondering how they were going to handle their unexpected 1D incident.

If what you’ve said is true, then I’m really irritated and frankly, really surprised at Jon Stewart. 

Whether they knew any of the band’s religions when they made the joke or not, doesn’t impact the outcome; they made a terrorist joke about a band which has a member who already has to deal with accusations of terrorism.

If I made a dead grandmothers joke to someone and discovered seconds later that their grandmother had just died, I wouldn’t say “well I didn’t know that when I made the joke, so what’s your problem?”, I’d say “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, I had no idea or I would have never have been so insensitive. Are you okay? I’m so SO sorry.

Offence caused accidentally is still offensive and I would have hoped that Jon Stewart and The Daily Show would be mature enough to know this and issue an actual apology. 

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Anonymous asked: Hi, how do I go about chatting privately with you? x

If you contact me off-anon and ask me to reply privately, we can chat that way. :) 

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